Graduation Rates Up Again!

  • (January 14, 2021) The New York State Education Department released the 2020 graduation data noting Yonkers Public Schools continuous growth. “The resilience and persistence of the Class of 2020 graduates and their families as well as the relentless commitment of Yonkers administrators and teachers resonates in the graduation data released today,” stated Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of Schools. “Yonkers achieved their highest graduation rate in decades– 90.6% - and surpassed the State graduation rate of 84.8%. Most significant for an urban school district, Yonkers continues to close the achievement gaps among all race, gender and sub groups. Under extraordinary challenging circumstances, our dropout rate remained constant at 3.4%.”

    Board of Education President Rev. Steve Lopez added, “Yonkers continues on a positive trajectory even under the most challenging times for our community. The first of the Large City Districts to graduate over 90%, Yonkers Class of 2020 graduation rate of 91% surpassed the State’s rate of 85% and Westchester County’s rate of 90%. These results dramatically demonstrate the outstanding work of Dr. Quezada, all of our employees, students and families.”

    “Once again, Yonkers Public Schools continue to excel and beat all odds, especially this year as we all face the most challenging of times, coupled with chronic underfunding by the State,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. “Over the last nine years, the graduation rate has increased over 18% -- outperforming the State’s and Big 5 city schools’ rates. Congratulations to the dedicated Yonkers Board of Trustees, our talented Superintendent and the administration staff and teachers who commit themselves each day to the successes of our schools and who work tirelessly to ensure our students reach their fullest potential.”

    Over the past ten years, the District has focused significant resources into closing the achievement gap across race, gender and sub groups including English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities. In particular, intentional efforts towards male achievement with initiatives such as Yonkers My Brother’s Keeper that engage community supports for students.

    • Yonkers on-time graduation rate continued to climb to 90.6% in 2020, a growth of 2.6% points.
    • The graduation rate is strong across race, gender and sub groups:
      • 90% Black students
      • 90% Latino students
      • 90% Male
      • 91% Female
      • 85% Multi-Lingual Learners
      • 68% Students with Disabilities
    • The gap in graduation rates between males and females continued to shrink, for 2020, the female to male gap is 1.5% percentage points as compared to an 8.2% percentage point gap in 2019.
    • Dropout rate for Yonkers students remains at 3% for all students as compared to the State rate of 5%
      • Yonkers English Language Learners dropout rate is 9% significantly lower than the State’s 25%, New York City’s 23%, Buffalo’s 30%, Rochester’s 30% and Syracuse’s 23%
      • Yonkers Students with Disabilities dropout rate is 5% lower than the State’s 8%, New York City’s 8%, Buffalo’s 15%, Rochester’s 20% and Syracuse’s 13%
    • Achievement outcomes for Yonkers students receiving Regents diplomas under the NYSED waivers for 2020 was an indication of the Class of 2020’s preparedness
      • 80% of the graduates did not require any Regents waivers because the students met their Regents exams requirements before March 2020.
      • 89% of all students earned Regents Diplomas (69%) and Regents with Advanced Designation (20%)