Attendance Matters! School 9 Takes the Pledge With Mayor Mike Spano

  • In an effort to improve academic readiness, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and Yonkers Public Schools held an assembly at School 9 and asked Yonkers students to participate in the Pledge 182 campaign, in which students commit to attend school every day and on time.

    “Education is the cornerstone of our future, and every day missed in school is a missed opportunity for growth,” said Mayor Spano. “In Yonkers, we believe in nurturing the potential of every child. Regular school attendance is not just a legal requirement; it’s a chance for our children to learn, explore, and prepare for a prosperous future. Collectively, let’s ensure every child in Yonkers has the opportunity to succeed by prioritizing school attendance.”

    Research has shown that students who miss 10% of the school year (18 days or 2 days per month) are not as academically successful through their school years and have a more difficult time graduating. Starting as early as Kindergarten, chronic absenteeism can cause a student to fall behind in school. In fact, chronic absenteeism, missing 18 days or more, can make it more difficult for children to learn to read and develop fundamental math skills.

    “The Mayor’s Pledge 182 Campaign has been a big success in the Yonkers Public Schools. For example, last year the Mayor called on the students of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy to increase their attendance rate, and they did. In just one year, the data showed that the attendance rate increased to 90%,” noted Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr. Luis Rodriguez. “I believe it is incredibly important for our students to make the connection between attendance, social and emotional success, and academic achievement in the classroom. I am grateful for the Mayor’s efforts on this initiative. I am looking forward to celebrating with the students of School 9 in June, when they too meet and hopefully exceed the Mayor’s challenge.”

    Mayor Spano challenged the students of School 9, urging them to sign the pledge and promised to return in June and give a pizza party to the students who achieve a perfect attendance during the 2023-2024 academic school year.