Rob Webb Recipient of InSideOut Leadership Award

  • Rob Webb with TrusteesThe Yonkers Board of Education honored Rob Webb, Director of Physical Education Health and Athletics, for receiving the prestigious InSideOut Leadership Award from the New York Giants, the NFL Foundation, and the InSideOut Initiative, which highlighted Mr. Webb's exceptional commitment to leading a "Purpose-Based Sports" program in our schools.

    Board of Education President Dr. Rosalba Corrado Del Vecchio led a brief presentation prior to the May 15, 2024 Stated Meeting.

    Mr. Webb's dedication has transformed how we approach athletics, focusing on physical prowess and nurturing our student-athletes' social, emotional, and character development. His leadership has been instrumental in creating a culture where his team has cultivated an environment where every student feels a sense of belonging and is connected to coaches who are transformational mentors.

    Mr. Webb has demonstrated his ability to lead with a vision beyond traditional sports programs. He has worked to align our athletic department's activities with our shared values of human growth and character development, providing our coaches with the tools to be empathetic change agents in our students' lives.

    We are proud of Mr. Webb's achievements and his leadership's positive impact on our student-athletes, their families, and the entire learning community. His Transformational Leadership Purpose, "I lead to provide meaningful educational opportunities for each student in a safe and supportive environment while guiding each student towards continued growth and the development of life-long skills," resonates with all of us at Yonkers Public Schools.

    Congratulations to Mr. Webb on this significant achievement. We look forward to celebrating this honor with him.