We Have a W-I-N-N-E-R for the 57th Time!

  • If you ask PEARLS Hawthorne School 5th grader Dylan C. to spell “SUCCESS,” don’t be surprised to hear the letters D-I-S-G-U-I-S-E, Fifth Grade Spelling Beewhich he pronounced in the correct order to win the 57th annual Citywide Fifth Grade Spelling Bee at Saunders Trades & Technical High School, Monday, June 12, 2023. Dylan is flanked on the right by Family School 32’s Sophia in second place and on the left by Montessori School 27’s Audreygail in third.

    Sponsored by the Exchange Club of Yonkers in association with Yonkers Public Schools, the Fifth Grade Spelling Bee has been a Yonkers tradition for nearly six decades, involving thousands of children in classroom and schoolwide elimination contests as they move up to the Citywide Finals. This year, 68 public and parochial school students were in the "enviable" position of competing for honors.

    Special thanks to Mr. Alan Gray of the Exchange Club of Yonkers and Dr. Jane Dorian, the pronouncer for the Spelling Bee.

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    Thank you Spelling Bee Judges!

    Alan Gray
    Exchange Club of Yonkers

    Alyssa Colón-Garcia
    Executive Director

    Erik Wright
    Assistant Superintendent

    Dr. Frank O. Hernández
    Assistant Superintendent

    Lissette Colón-Collins
    Assistant Superintendent