Yonkers Mayor Spano Presents School Spotlight Award to Robert C. Dodson School

  • (November 30, 2023) Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today joined Yonkers Board of Education President Rev. Steve Lopez and Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr. Luis Rodriguez to present his School Spotlight Award to the deserving administration, faculty, staff, parents and students at Robert C. Dodson School. Under the leadership of Principal Romulo Ramirez, Robert C. Dodson School is being recognized for rebuilding its school community, serving a diverse population of students and providing transitional bilingual education programs that support the academic and social development of English language learners in the district.

    “Robert C. Dodson School is a shining example of what our district can accomplish when we embrace our diversity and support our students and families,” said Mayor Spano. “I commend Principal Romulo Ramirez, as well as the administrators, teachers and staff for ensuring every child feels safe and has a sense of belonging, and I look forward to seeing their continued progress and growth.”

    The school’s principal, Romulo Ramirez, has been instrumental in rebuilding the school community and addressing the needs of the newly arrived students and families. Under his leadership, the school has improved its academic performance, increased its attendance rate, and fostered a positive and supportive learning environment.

    Some of the initiatives that have contributed to the school’s success include:

    • A bilingual program that fosters students’ English and native language skills.
    • A social-emotional learning curriculum that enhances students’ well-being and resilience.
    • A school closet and pantry that offers resources and support for students, parents, and caregivers.
    • A partnership with local organizations that provide after-school and summer programs, health services, and legal assistance for the school community.

    “I commend the Robert C. Dodson School for their outstanding commitment to fostering a diverse and bilingual learning environment. The dedication of the Dodson community to embracing and celebrating linguistic diversity is truly commendable. Through their efforts, they have not only created a nurturing space for students to thrive academically, but have also set a remarkable example for inclusive education. The Robert C. Dodson School stands as a beacon of excellence, proving that when we embrace diversity, we empower our students to reach new heights and prepare them for a global future. Kudos to the Dodson community for their exemplary work in building a school where every voice is heard, and every language is valued,” noted Board of Education President Rev. Steve Lopez.

    Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr. Luis Rodriguez added, “As a transitional Bilingual School, Dodson has received many of our newly arrived students. These students have been welcomed unconditionally. They have been fully integrated into the school’s academic and social fabric. Principal Romulo Ramirez and his staff have demonstrated outstanding commitment, dedication and skill in revamping the school’s approach to teaching, learning and parental partnership. They are not merely supporting academic improvement, but also addressing the social and other needs of newly arrived students and their families. All the benefits of a pluralistic society are clearly on display at the Robert C. Dodson School, which is so ably led by Mr. Ramirez and his team. Felicidades y muchisimas gracias for earning Mayor Spanos’ School Spotlight Award!”

    Mayor Spano’s School Spotlight Award highlights four Yonkers Public Schools within the academic school year for their significant academic success, extracurricular achievements and community involvement.