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  • Board of Education Unanimously Adopts 2021-2022 School Year Budget

    Increases Sustainable Solutions for Student Success 2021-2022 and Beyond
    Creates Conditions for ALL Students’ Success

    Yonkers, NY - June 3, 2021 – The Yonkers Board of Education unanimously voted to adopt the 2021-2022 School Year Budget at a Special Meeting.

    Board of Education President Rev. Steve Lopez noted, “With this budget the District is able to fulfill the Trustees October 2020 commitment to implement a restoration process for all students to return to school in September 2021. In fact, as of July 1, all of the summer session programs are operating under normal in-person instruction. Most importantly, this budget demonstrates that when our elected officials, employees and families band together around equity for Yonkers’ children, sustainable funding occurs. Thank you Mayor Mike Spano, City Council President Mike Khader and the entire City Council for the $6.7 million increase in the Maintenance of Efforts and the debt service of $4.2 million that equates to $10.9 million. Thank you New York Senate Majority Leaders Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Senator Shelley Mayer, Assembly Members Gary Pretlow and Nader Sayegh for the new 3-year phase-in increases in the Foundation Aid formula providing $21.9 million this coming year and the $12 million in Bullet Aid totaling $33.9 million increase for Yonkers children. Thank you Yonkers Council of PTAs and parents across our city as well as our outstanding bargaining unit leaders and members who valiantly fought for additional funding. This united effort demonstrates that when we remain committed to building the capacity of the City’s public schools the result provides sustainable solutions for student success 2021-2022 and beyond.”

    Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada stated, “This budget recognizes and addresses the challenges that our students, families and staff have faced over the last sixteen difficult months. At the same time, it offers a foundation to rebuild, equip and transition our learning community to actualize years of strength, success and meaningful accomplishments for all students. With this budget, we put an end to the deficit model that for decades hampered our ability to provide teachers, programs and materials for an equitable sustainable school system. Today, we embark instead to build on our system’s proven strengths and simultaneously develop new, innovative and sustainable systems to support the academic, social and emotional needs of our students and their families. True equity for Yonkers students begins, more importantly, with additional school counselors, psychologists, social workers, nurses as well as art, music, librarians, physical education, career and technical education and English language learners teachers. In 2021-2022 and beyond, with relentless passion and empirical evidence we will create conditions for all students’ success - Yonkers children deserve the best!”